Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Been a few months!

I've been a busy bee making lots of new things and Xmas took over, then Valentines and then of course Easter.

As you may have noticed I am no longer running the photo contest. To be honest it was very time consuming and I have other things going on in my RL now so I don't have as much time to devote to SL anymore and I would rather focus my efforts on making items.

So what is new. Well I changed the store around a bit, opened up the main sales room, I ran out of space (Be running out of prims soon too).

There is new texture change neko tails, matching ears will be up very soon too.
The tails are in 8 designs, each has 40 textures and 140 colors.

Texture Change Neko Tails

Easter saw cute bunny outfits....

And some corsets....

With some upturned tails.....

Just before Easter we released some clothes for the more gothy of you all...

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