Sunday, 23 November 2014

Just Stuff

This isn't just related to PN but to all stores.
Store owners are not super hero's we are human beings and like all human beings we can only do so much. We have bad days and rough days and some days just want to log in to hang with friends.
Everyone is entitled to time off.
Real life most stores would close at night allowing the owner to walk past the store on way to pub and you wouldn't be able to say hey I have a problem, help me NOW or get bad review.

Customers on SL seem to think that store owners do not deserve time off, SL may be open 24 hours, the stores may be open 24 hours, but everyone needs time off.
This is the curse of owning an SL store, or at least one of the curses.

If you need help with products or anything at all, be specific, realise that just because it is only 4pm your time it could well be midnight for the person trying to help you, they may be tired and instead of just going to bed they are staying up just to try and help you.
So don't send a vague message then go afk, don't send IMs just saying hello, don't chatter away in 10 other IMs and leave the person who is there to help you hanging.
Give as MUCH information as you can in that first message. Respond to them quickly, be polite and be respectful and you will get the help you need faster and the poor store owner can then go to bed.

Don't be rude, if your first IM is yelling and screaming and throwing insults you wont get far.
A lot of store owners myself included will go above and beyond to help you, offering free replacements, discounts and various other things. But if you insult us or be rude to us, don't expect to get any help other than the bare minimum and depending on your rudeness levels you may only get muted and get no help at all.

Also don't go the other way, don't creep! It's well, errr creepy.
You probably wouldn't hug a store owner in real life would you? Blow them kisses or call them pet names? It often makes the person uncomfortable and while you may mean it in a nice way, trust me it is creepy. Things like "hey hunnie can you please help me sweetie x" Just don't do it please.

Store owners are not scary super beings, we are just like you, but we happen to own a few prims that we sell to other people. It doesn't give us super powers.
I am often sat in PN, I do not bite, if you see a store owner inside a store, don't freak out and run away, we are not going to attack you just for the fun of it.
But likewise don't jump in the IM box with IMs like OMG its you, you are here, I love you, you are so amazing! We are not. Some may THINK they are above everyone else but for the most part we don't.

Ok rant over for now, feel free to comment if you want to.


  1. Omg it's youuuuuuuuu the store owner :D i I wanna hug and squeeze and kiss you :p xxxx