About PN Scripts

Hey guys, I thought I would do a fast link page to information about our Scripts.
Firstly PN Tail Scripts are ONLY available at PN, they are exclusive to us, created just for us.
Why are PN Scripts different?
Well, most Tail scripts will only offer you ONE chat menu, usually with Emotes and interactions.
PN Tails contain 5 menus when you buy them and can hold 11 at the same time.
Each Menu has 4 parts....
Actions - Things you do to people around you.
Interactions - Things people around you do to you.
Emotes - Things you do to yourself.
Personal - A menu only people you allow can access, i.e. a partner
The collection of 4 is called a Set and Tails can hold 11 Sets at the same time allowing you to load up a new Set in seconds via the menu.
All chat sets are modify via notecards so you can totally personalize them.
On top of all of this you can also Mute specific people or Allow specific people or turn your whole tail off.
Wag, Twitch, Sway, Hyper, Tired, Active or a combination of movement styles.
In all there is 28 movement combinations/styles in just 1 tail.
You can also choose how long your tail menu stays active before it expires via the settings button.
You can also use the menu to reset the scripts, this is for after changing chat notecards for example and saves you having to hard reset via SL settings and edit menu.
Are you a dancer or host or DJ and find it hard to grab a hold of your tail while dancing around?
PN Tails come with an emote that will open your menu for you.
Hosting a Neko event and your customers need a Neko tail?
They can click on your tail and select freebie from the menu and a free tail will be sent to them.
Want to visit PN but can't find your Landmark?
Click About on your tail menu to get a landmark to PN.
Forgot your tails commands?
Just click Help on your tail menu and a notecard gets delivered to you, this saves you having to hunt in your inventory for it.
 There is an update button on the menu so if LL changes the coding for scripts we can update via our server, if this ever happens (its happened once in 5 years) you will get a Message on logging in and an update kitty will be sent to you. You drop the kitty on floor and drop your tail next to it and click the update button on menu.
Doing it this way instead of sending out new tails means you will not lose any customized chat menus or modifications you made to your tails.

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