Sunday, 25 May 2014

World Goth Fair - Sophie Lancaster Foundation

Currently in SL the Wold Goth Fair is underway and this year Psychotic Neko is a part of it.
For anyone who doesn't know who Sophie Lancaster is I urge you to visit this link
Sophie was beaten to death while protecting her boyfriend from a vicious attack purely due to the way they dressed.
ALL items being sold by PN in our booth at this years fair are 100% to the charity.
When the fair is over items will be placed in PN and sold as normal (They are not Exclusives) however the tank dresses will always remain 100% to the foundation.
I do encourage you all to go and buy them from the fair while they are set for the charity.
You can find PN booth on Sium at 
There are 3 Sims in all and you can find full information on the fair at
So What's PN offering this year?
First off Ears & Tails, 3 cute matching sets and the tails have a new Goth chat menu!!
All scripts are 100% Unisex
Top it off with PN Willow Dress. This Inc both rigged mesh and fit mesh and both in 5 sizes.
What boots to go with that? No Problem!! Corset boots in non rigged mesh, resize scripted.
Last but not least is the Tank Dress, this will always be 100% to Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

 And finally for the sprinkles on the top, Goth Eyes Gacha! 30L a try with 50% to the Foundation.

Fair goes on until June 1st

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