Sunday, 25 May 2014

It's Been A While!!

Over the past few years I've let this blog slide into total decay, I admit my laziness. A lot has changed since the last update here so where to start.
1st I guess I should say we moved, we are no longer at Golem Oyland and we returned to Oddjob sim which was always PN's home.
We still sell tails & ears but now also a LOT more clothing etc too. A lot of items got discontinued but those items for the most part can now be found in the bargain basement below ground as cheap as can be. Some managers are no longer with us, we have a much smaller staff group now, their online boards can be found on the wall inside the main store. Our range has exploded and the biggest change in the past few years from a creating aspect is the introduction of Mesh! We are not selling mesh tails/ears at this time, simply because mesh does not flex, it can animate but that can lag badly and other stores are doing that. There is still a big calling for old style flexi and sculpts so that is what we are sticking with.
We are however selling a range of Mesh clothing.
We still have lucky chairs and MM boards and freebies and of course our mascot bob is there to chatter to you while you wait for your letter to come up.Loyalty Points - You can now earn points you can turn in for CASH when you shop at PN. Every item over 50L gives you points and when you collect 5 points you can turn them in for 50L cash back. Chat Menus - Tails now have even more menu options from PG - XRated - Trick and more, 1 tail can hold 11 different ones at the same time and they are now available in store for 0L
Sale Wall - Every once in a while I put things on the sale wall for half price or less for a limited time only, these items change at random when I feel like it so don't miss them.
Ok I think that about covers it for now, stop by and say hello to Bob, he sulks if he doesn't get his daily fix of head scritches!
You can find us at

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