Sunday, 14 September 2014

Simple Chat Scripts Now Available

A lot of people ask me if PN scripts will work in their furry tails, they love their tails that came with their furry or dragon or fish but wish they were clickable.
PN Main Script will only work in tails or objects created by Obyri and have movement built in so often wont be suitable for other uses.
I have just released for sale a simple version of the PN Chat Script with Emotes & Interactions.
All the chats are modify via notecard and the scripts are totally unisex.
There is 6 versions in the box, each with the same script but different notecards for different moods/occasions from Xmas - X-Rated - Kidz- Halloween and more.
You can use them in ANY MODIFY item, be it Tails or Ears or boots, skirts, prim pets, whatever you like.
Priced at just 75L and fully copyable.

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