Wednesday, 18 June 2014

A Few Things

Ok the past days have been stressful to say the least.
I've had to ban close to 90 names from PN main store for
 chair gaming so I am going to start by explaining
what chair gaming IS and why it is not allowed.
First I happen to LIKE alts (alternate accounts)
 they can help traffic if you are stalking the lucky chairs and want an alt
logged in with you that is totally ok.
What is not allowed is logging in 1 alt just when your letter comes up
 for cash then logging out again right away and doing this over and over with
 a whole bunch of accounts.
It does nothing for traffic and costs me a small fortune.
Make no mistake I DO find out who is doing it and I DO take action.
Chair Gamers make it harder for genuine people
 to win prizes, people that have been waiting for their letters to
come up only to get sniped by someone JUST logging in.
I would rather have 5 regular chair stalkers than 500 flybys
Next I want to say this...
Store owners are NOT Gods or even Saints for that matter.
If you go yelling at store owners and calling them names,
please do not expect them to be helpful and go above
 and beyond anything they have to do.
If you treat us with respect you get respect back.
Leaving bad ratings on MP then calling us names because you don't get your own way?
This may sound harsh or come across as bitchy but seriously people store owners
 are human too, they have feelings, they work hard often for little or
 no reward at all unless they get the odd sale.
Yelling at a store owner and calling names over a 99L item, is it worth it?
I go above and beyond to help people I always have done.
I replace things even if the buyers broken it themselves,
I give refunds when buyer buys wrong item, I give out a LOT of free stuff.
I don't want my arse kissed, or to be treated like some SL Goddess,
 I don't want people to worship me or bow down before me,
heck I don't even mind people that don't even say thanks, that is fine.
But for love of all things human show some respect and be polite.
Store owners are not amazing fantastic mystical beings but we ARE human,
please start remembering that and treat us like it.
Rant Over :)

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